Cachiporra time!

Descendants of ancient Italian Polichinelle, Billy-Club puppets were revitalised by Federico Garcia Lorca and today they are as alive as the rest of the glove puppets dancing all around the world. And they are still children’s favourites: fast, straightforward, foul-mouthed…

Cachiporra Time! is a free current version of the classic play Juan y María en la calle de los Fantasmas, by Argentinean puppeteer Javier Villafañe. In the play, some children are visited by a ghost. Far from being scared, they seek the audience’s help to face the evil wrapped in sheets. Frenetic action, live music, lots of laughter and a few drops of romanticism shake rag hands in this funny play, which has been tested for many years by the street audience in Retiro Park, Madrid.

Cachiporra time! Dossier (PDF)

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